Our number one concern for all jobsite staff is to ensure that they are always safe.  We do this by implementing a variety of safety protocols including education, testing and adhering to the job site safety requirements as set forth by the general contractor and you, the client.

As an integral part of our safety initiative the MUST Safety Program provides standardized drug and alcohol testing and safety awareness training that is documented and verifiable from a single database.   Through such testing and safety awareness training based on OSHA standards we guarantee a safe and aware workforce on all of our jobsites.

Jobsite Control - Our job foremen along with members of our safety team will perform periodic jobsite inspections to insure that safety protocols are being adhered to. Helicopter
Safety 2

OSHA Compliance - Our jobsite staff complies with all OSHA guidelines for a safe workplace environment.  We implement all safety training required by OSHA and perform testing to verify that our jobsite staff exceed all local, state and federal requirements.


Combined, all of these procedures help to minimize jobsite incidents and ensure that a job runs smoothly and safely.